The Significance of Pitra Devta in Hindu Culture

In Hindu culture and mythology, there exists a deity referred to as Pitra Devta. Pitra Devta may be the our god of your forefathers, and he accounts for guiding the souls of the departed for the afterlife. He is also in charge of ensuring that the forefathers are Pitro ke geet worshipped properly and that their mood have reached peacefulness.

Pitra Devta is an extremely essential physique in Hindu customs, and the man has a substantial role within both faith based rituals and in people’s each day day-to-day lives. He is often invoked during prayer and worship, and his awesome impression can be obtained from several residences and temples.

The Roots of Pitra Devta

Pitra Devta is assumed to possess emerged from a yajna, or blaze compromise, that was done by Brahma. With this compromise arrived five brothers who had been referred to as the Pitaras. The Pitaras were actually given the job of ruling within the different locations of the world, and they also grew to become referred to as the guardians of humanity.

Pitra Devta eventually came to be seen as the ruler of all the Pitaras, and the man came to be worshipped as being the god of the ancestors. He is often represented retaining a employees in just one hands along with a pot of water from the other. He is also sometimes demonstrated driving on the buffalo or transporting a sacrificial providing.

The importance of Pitra Devta

Pitra Devta is an important figure in Hindu tradition for a number of reasons. Initially, he is mainly responsible for helping the souls of the departed towards the afterlife. It is actually thought that every time a individual dies, their soul would go to Pitra Loka, which is the field of the ancestors. Then, Pitra Devta will determine where their soul may go after that based on their deeds in life.

Pitra Devta can also be in charge of making sure that the ancestors are worshipped properly and therefore their spirits are in serenity. It is believed that in the event the ancestors are not privileged along with their spirits are certainly not at peace, they may revisit haunt their residing loved ones.


Pitra devata holds great importance in Hindu culture as he presides around our ancestral lineage & manuals departed souls into the aftermath. However he’s deeply venerated, some ritualistic techniques carried out to please him consist of unique pujas, placing meals aside etc. Carrying out these displays our value which leads to appeasing & delivering serenity to PITRA DEVATAS ‘souls.