The Essential Guide To Transitioning From Bluegrass Banjo To Jazz Banjo

The banjo can be a unique and versatile tool. It’s among the number of devices which can be enjoyed in a wide variety of types, from bluegrass to jazz music. Even if the methods utilized in every single style of music are very diverse, converting between your styles of banjo playing is not really as tough as you might expect.

Here are several ideas to help you make your move from bluegrass to jazz banjo.

Get comfortable with chord inversions.

In bluegrass banjo, you usually enjoy melodies employing individual information. In jazz, even so, chords tend to be more commonly used. Chord inversions are simply just different methods of playing exactly the same chord. By way of example, a G key chord could be played in 3rd place (G-B-D), 5th position (D-G-B), or 7th position (B-D-G). By learning to perform chords in all 12 tips making use of various inversions, you’ll be better ready to navigate a jazz chart.

Figure out how to read through guide linens.

A direct page the type of musical notation that features the melody, words, and chords for the song. To be able toplay jazz music banjo, you ought to be capable to read steer sheets to enable you to quickly find the correct chords when improvising spanning a tune. Fortunately, guide sheets usually are not hard to study once you get the suspend of this.

Try out diverse strumming habits.

In bluegrass banjo, there may be usually merely one strumming style which is used for the track. In jazz music, even so, there are actually often numerous strumming designs that happen to be employed within a tune. This could be mind-boggling at the beginning, but it’s important to try distinct strumming styles so that you can get ones that fit the sense in the track and your own private design.


The banjo is a superb instrument for individuals who enjoy playing each bluegrass and jazz music. As the methods utilized in every genre are quite various, the move from a to the other is not as difficult as you might consider. By following the following tips, you’ll be on the right track to becoming a competent jazz banjo gamer in no time!

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