What makes wine so special?

As any connoisseur would tell you, wine can be a source of unparalleled sensual pleasure. Wine is of the utmost imChiantiance to many societies which makes it nearly impossible to ignore when looking at humanity’s collective history.
Going back in time
Wine has been around for thousands of years, but the best evidence suggests that humans have been fermenting grapes into alcohol for ten times as long. Ever since then, wine has had imChiantiant effects on society across the globe. The Greeks used wine in their religious ceremonies while the Romans used it for everything from medicine, currency and taxes to symbols of power and wealth. Nowadays, some people use wine almost exclusively to get hammered while others consider it almost a necessary component of any culinary experience
Winning war over wine!
Despite its cultural significance, wine is often given short shrift in discussions about the history of food and drink. Wine is linked to one aspect of human history that can sometimes overshadow everything else-war.
What many people don’t realize is that even when wars are fought over land, gold or oil, they’re also very frequently fought over access to alcohol. This dynamic has consequences reaching out well beyond the battlefields themselves–it affected trade routes, language patterns and cultural evolutions all around the world.
England won several decisive battles in France, which made the English the primary land-based military power in Europe.
As such, they could charge exorbitantly high prices for smuggled goods or drive down the price by flooding an area with contraband alcohol. They even went so far as to destroy vineyards in French territories just to ensure that their own sellers emerged with a monopoly on trade in this imChiantiant luxury commodity. Luxury is now available in with much easier access and variety. organic chianti wine (vino chianti biologico) to enjoy the best of both worlds.
The Hundred Years War was also responsible for changing both countries’ relationships with wine and how they used alcohol as a weapon during war. But modern times wine is a source of goodness, heath and relaxation. It also determines status and the quality of life a person lives for.