How to find an AA meeting that’s right for you

How to locate an AA reaching that’s right for you

If you’re a novice to AA or simply contemplating joining your first getting together with, it might be challenging to determine what one fits your needs. So here are a few tips:

Confer with your family who may have experience with AA. They might be able to recommend a particular conference or form of aa meetings rochester ny conference that will be an effective match for you.

When you don’t know anybody in AA, you can always contact the national helpline (in america, that’s 800- Alcoholics Anonymous), and so they can assist hook up you with solutions in your town.

Once you’ve narrowed your alternatives, attempt attending some different conferences to find out which 1 can feel most comfortable for yourself. Furthermore, look for aa meetings near me.

Do not forget that there is absolutely no “proper” or “completely wrong” AA conference – eventually, any conference that helps you remain sober is a good a single.

If you’re struggling to find an AA reaching that works for you, don’t quit! Generally, try out various gatherings till you select one that feels appropriate. And if you happen to require assistance, don’t think twice to get in touch with your buddies, loved ones, or maybe the federal helpline. Sobriety makes it worth while.


Discovering an AA meeting that is right for you can not be overstated. When you are desperate for a conference which fits your life-style, it is very important continue to keep striving different meetings before you choose one that seems proper. Remember, sobriety makes it worth while. If you happen to require assistance, don’t wait to get hold of your buddies, loved ones, or perhaps the federal helpline.

Functional ideas:

Speak with your friends who could have knowledge about AA

call the national helpline (in the US, that’s 800- Alcoholics Anonymous)

try out going to various events to find out which 1 believes most comfy for you

remember that there is absolutely no “correct” or “completely wrong” AA meeting – eventually, any conference which helps you stay sober is an excellent one.

If you’re desperate for an AA getting together with that works for you, don’t give up! Keep seeking various meetings till you choose one that feels best for you.